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Mahaasuram Kethum----chamara ragam(shanmugapriya)--rupaka thaalam

When Raahu's head and tail were separated by the blow of Mahavishnu , the tail portion was thrown about on Podhigai hills .In due course with the blessings of Lord Shiva ,a snake head got attached to the demonaic dragon body of Kethu , one of the two shadow planets .Even though loss of property, maternal relations, afflictions of diseases to wife and children are attributed to Kethu's ill placement in horoscope He is the giver of the highest knowledge and liberation for the human soul .Whenever fortitude and conviction born of great strength of mind, leads our actions , it is the grace of Kethu Bhagavaan encompassing us. These sterling virtues are in great demand  by every human being in the battle of life .

Sri Muthuswamy Dikshithar  whose krithis are enriched with the highest philosophy was amply blessed by Kethu Bhagawan as he repeatedly stressed through his krithis the futility of illusions in our day to day life when  we are unable to choose the real aspects of our life from the unreal ones.

Throughout his life Dikshithar travelled  from temple to temple and composed the krithis on each deity with great devotion and insight.The temple of Kethu is situate at Keezhperumpallam which is also known as Vanagiri  at six kms.  from Thiruvengaadu enroute to Poompuhaar .The presiding deities are Naaganaadaswamy and Ambaal.

Pallavi :=

Mahaasuram Kethumaham smaraami chayaagrahavaram : =  I worship the great demon Kethu who is the foremost of the shadow planets .

Anupallavi   :=

Maha vichithra makutadharam mangala vasthraditharam := Who wears a peculiar crown and an auspicious dress .
Madhyama kaalam :=

Narapeetasthitham  sukham  navagrahayutham sakham :Pleased at  being half dragon and half human ,who is friendly among the nine planets .Kethu and Raahu do not have a house of their own in the zodiacal horoscope . However they are friendly with the planets posited in the same house by imbibing the attributes of the planets .

Charanam :=

Kethum kriNvan manthriNam ,krodha nidhi jaiminam  := The Bija manthra   of Kethu is KriNvan .
He is the depository of anger. He belongs to Jaimini gothra .
Kuluthadi bhakshanam ,koNa dwaja  pathaakinam : Fond of a type of horsegram offered for oblations.
Having a flag with triangle symbol .
Madhyama kalam :=
Guruguha chamarabharanam  ,guna dosha jithaabharanam := Holding the fan for the pleasure of Guruguha , Being impartial in His duties as a conquerer of the good and the bad.
GrahaNaadi kaarya kaaraNam , Grahaapa savya sanchaariNam := He is the cause of eclipses .He moves counterclockwise in zodiacal signs .

With this we conclude the Navagraha Krithis of Dikshithar . The nine planets determine the course of our lives as per our past good and bad deeds.Listening to or reciting the krithis propitiating each planet of the day will bestow peace and prosperity in our lives . As regards Raahu and Kethu if placed with another planet their krithis can be sung on the day of the planet; in case no planet is posited along , then the lord of the house in which Raahu or Kethu is singly posited could be chosen as the day for invoking their blessings.

As regards the vimshothari dasa of each person any astrologer of repute will be able to calculate on perusal of the related horoscope , the exact dasa and bhukthi the person is undergoing and accordingly to mitigate any untoward effect the navagraha krithi of the related planets may be recited or heard daily during those days till the period of the bhukthi or dasa is over .Dikshithar himself has composed the krithi on Lord Shani and advised his disciple who was suffering from stomachache to recite the krithi until his ailment was over .

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Smaraamyaham sadaa rahum--ramamanohari ragam--rupaka thalam

In this krithi Dikshithar extols the glory of Raahu Bhagavaan. Even though He is one of the two  shadow planets viz. Raahu and Kethu His wielding power is great on human beings . He bestows plenty and prosperity when He is posited in a favorable position in one's horoscope. When He is afflicted ,  impediments visit in the form of kalathra dosha viz.problems affecting wife , puthra dosha i.e problems affecting one's children and loss of position etc .
In order to ward off the ill effects of unfavorable position of Rahu a visit to Thirunaageswaram is undertaken which is situate at six  kilometers from Kumbakonam enroute to Karaikal , wherein the temple of Raahu is famous for worship. Listening to the krithi on Raahu by Dikshithar is another form of receiving the grace of Raahu .
Pallavi :=

Smaraamyaham sadaa raahum surya chandra veekshyam vikrutha deham := I constantly think of Raahu whose sight by the sun and the Moon deforms their bodies .This refers to the solar and lunar eclipse when Raahu is supposed to swallow them .

AnuPallavi :=

Suraasuram rogaharam sarpaadi bheethiharam := Raahu is both in the form of Deva and Asura .He is the remover of diseases and also quells the fear of poisonous creatures like snakes .As per the Puranas, being an asura or dragon he took the form of deva to receive the elixir along with the devas .Since this fact was reported to Mahavishnu who was distributing the elixir amritha to devas first, in anger Vishnu hit on the head of Raahu knocking Him down on earth. Raahu's head and tail got separated .The intake of elixir made Him a demi god and asura .

Madhyama Kalam :=
Shurpaasana sukhakaram ,shulaayudha dharakaram := He has the  seat of grain sieve and wields the spear in His hand conferring boons to people who worship Him thus .

Charanam :=

Karaalavadanam katinam kayaanaarna karunaardraapaangam : = A fearful face with harsh expression turns graceful when propitiated with the recital of kayana mantra , which is the bija mantra of Raahu .
Chaturbhujam kadga ketaadi dharanam := With four hands and with sword and shield.

Madhyama Kalam :=
Charmaadi neela vasthram gomedhakaabharanam := attired in blue leather cloth ; wearing  ornaments studded with gomedh stone. Gomedh means cow's urine in sanskrit and the stones are zircon stones with brown or yellow hue.
Shani Shukra mitra guruguha santhoshakaranam := Raahu is a friendly planet to Shani and Shukra and makes Guruguha happy .

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

divakara thanujam---yadukulakambodhi---Eka thalam

Dikshithar has composed this krithi in yadukula kambodhi in a slow moving pace befitting the slow moving shanischara .Saturn inculcates in one an ascetic,hardworking and disciplined life .one learns lessons in life only through saturn's transits. whatever Saturn has in store cannot be avoided and  if there is any adverse effect , it can only be mitigated to certain extent. Here Dikshithar shows the way through his krithi on Lord Shanishchara.
Pallavi :=
Diwakara thanujam shanaischaram dheeratharam santhatham chinthayeham := I always worship Shanaishchara, the son of Surya , the courageous one .The name shanaishchara indicates that Shani Bhagavaan is a slow moving planet .It takes two and half years for the planet to travel one house in the zodiac .He is the son of the Sun .He is considered courageous as He did not hesitate to cast His eyes even on Gods like Lord Shiva ,Lord Rama , and Lord Krishna during their incarnations .
AnuPallavi :=
Bhavaambu  nidhau nimagna janaanaam , bhayankaram athi krura paladam := For those who are immersed in the ocean of worldly life Lord Shani gives very severe punishments as He wants every human being to get the maturity in life . The sufferings only make a man realize the facts of life .In this world pleasure or pain is not permanent . They come in succession . On realizing this every person will crave to reach a mental state in which the duality of these situations could be conquired by fortitude and proper understanding .

Madhyama kaalam :=
Bhavaaneesa kataaksha paathra bhutha  bhakthimathaam athisaya shubha paladam :=
On the otherhand , He gives amazingly auspicious results in the case of  devotees of Lord Shiva, the spouse of Goddess Bhavani .

Charanam :=
kaalaanjana kaanthi yuktha deham , kaala sahodharam , kaakavaaham := With a body in dark hue shining like colleyrium  , the brother of Lord Yama the god of death and riding on the crow , the bird .The crow is the most intelligent bird  which leads a disciplined life of rearing the young and eating in unison .The departed is said to receive the offerings in the form of crow .

Neelaamshuka pushpa maalaavrutham , neela rathna bhushaNaalankrutham := Clad in blue clothes , wearing blue wreaths and decorated with  blue-stone studded ornaments

Maalini vinutha guruguhamuditham , Makara Kumbha Raasinatham := Wrshipped by Malini .In Mahabharatha draupadi  at the time of exile along with the Pandavas underwent untold sufferings at the palace of King Virat and worshipped Shanaishchara  to ward off the evils .Lord Shani is the sign lord of  Capricorn and Aquarius .That is the reason for the mitigated effects of Shani transiting  8th, 12th,1st 2nd places for the natives of these signs .

Thila thaila mishruthaanna  deepapriyam  dayaa sudha saagaram nirbhayam := The one who likes the lamp lit with sesame oil  and rice mixed with fried sesame seeds powder . The one who is the ocean of compassion  and the one who is considered the brave one ( due to diligence in duty with impartial judgement).

Madhyama kaalam :=
Kaala danda pari peeditha jaanum ,kaamithaartha palada kaamadhenum := Shani's  knee is affected by the throwing of yama of his stick in anger .The story is . Samjna and Chaaya are the wives of Surya .Yama and Yami are the chidren of Samjna .Shani is the son of Chaaya .Chaaya showed stepmotherly attitude towards Yama . When Yama resented this and kicked her due to anger Shani intervened and upheld his mother's status . Yama, in anger hurled his kaaladanda at shani and his knee got affected .
In offering fruits of His devotees He is like Kaamadenu, the celestial cow .

Kaala chakra bheda chitra bhanum, kalpitha chayaadevi soonum := He is like The Sun in wielding time due to His slow movement of two and half years to travel the sun-sign , and He is the son of the   imaginary  Chayaa Devi .

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Shree shukra bhagavantham---raagam-Paraju--Thalam-ata

Shukra is the presiding deity of the temple at kanjanur , near Mayavaram .He is the preceptor of Asuras or demons and gives benefits like bhruhaspathi .A well posited  Shukra in one's  horoscope blesses a person with intelligence, knowledge ,beauty ,wealth , vehicle ,house  spouse , enjoyment of life,  arts, Poetry , fashions , perfumes etc.In case of any deficiency Shukra may be propitiated with the following krithi of Dikshithar .

Pallavi :=
Shree shukra bhagavantham chinthayaami santhatham sakala thathwagyam := I meditate on Shukra always who is the repository of all vedic knowledge .Shukra is the brahmin priest of demons who is very well versed in all the shasthraas .

Anu Pallavi:=
He! Shukra bhagavan maam  aashu paalaya := Oh ! Lord Shukra ! protect me soon !

Vrisha thulaadheesa ,Daithya hithopadesa := Lord of rishabha and thula rasis ,Preceptor to the demons
Madhyama kaalam :
Kesava kataakshika nethram ,kireetadharam, dhavala gaathram := Having an eye saved by Vishnu , wearing a crown , and having a white body .In days of yore ,when Mahabali was offering the worlds as per Vamana's request, shukra tried to obstruct the water from pouring out of kamandalam by taking the form of a bee .Poked by Vishnu Shukra lost one eye .Shukra wears a crown and  posses a whitish body .

Charanam : =
Vimshadivathsaro dudashaa vibhaagam ashtavargam  := In the vimshoththari dasa which diviides the span of human life from the date of birth to the last day on earth  each planet is alotted certain number of years and the positive or negative results follow in human life as per the good or bad position occupied by each planet in one's horoscope .The planet Shukra's dasa consists of twenty years . Following this ashtavargam denotes whether each planet is in favourable position or not.The zodiac is of 360 degrees divided into 12 equal parts.Leavig rahu and kethu ,the ascendant with other seven planets arrive at the good and bad positions in the 12 houses taking each planet as ascendant .Thus every planet has its good as well as bad houses  and give the respective results accordingly during their transit in a particular house .
Kavim kalathrakaarakam ravi nirjara guru vairinam :=Venus makes one a poet , He is the significator of wife ,enemy of the Sun and Guru .
Navaamsa horaadrekkanaadi vargoththma avasara samaye := Navaamsa  the 1/9th of the 30 degrees and its position of planets indicate the course of destiny in one's life . Hora is the division of a house into two i.e 15 degrees each and studying the planetary position .Drekkana is dividing each house into three i.e10 degrees each .Planet in navamsa and rasi occupying the same sign is vargoththama which is very powerful .
Vakra uchcha neecha swakshethra vara kendra moola thrikone :=Vakra denotes retrogatory motion,uchcha is the exalted position, neecha is where shukra is debilitated , swakshethra is the houses of libra and tauras  ruled by Shukra.Kendra is the best houses where His grace is directed are 1,4,7 and 10 .
Moola thrikona is the root triangle  placement for the planet and libra is the moola thrikona house for Shukra .:.Madhyama kaalam.:
Thrishaamsha shashtyaamsha airaavathaamsha paarijaathaamsha gopuraamsha raja yoga kaarakam raajyapradam guruguhamudam := The thrishamsa and shashtyamsa deal with one's enemies and the other epithets speak about particular combinations of the vargas of the planets. Accordingly if a planet occupies favourable position in two vargas it is known as paarijaathaamsa,four vargas gopuramsa and six vargas airavathaamsa which can confer raja yoga and kingdom to the person, pleasing the guruguha .

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bhruhaspathe --Raagam Ataana-- Thalam--Thriputa

In Tamilnadu Alangudi near Kumbakonam is the place where Guru Bhagawan is worshipped .As His name "Guru" denotes , The planet Guru is huge in size and thereby a slow moving one . It takes nearly a year for Guru to traverse one cusp in our Horoscope .Depending upon the placement therein guru confers health,wealth,life partner ,progeny,power position etc.People by and large categorically talk about "Guru balam" in the horoscope of the near and dear . He stands for all our good actions in our previous birth and the level of our intelligence in this birth .

Dikshithar has composed the song on Guru Bhagavaan in Atana raaga .

Pallavi :=

Bhruhaspathe Tharaapathe brahma jaathe namosthuthe :-    Salutations to the preceptor of gods the Son of Brahma who is also the husband of Thaara .Thaara is the ancient astral body the pole star.

AnuPallavi :=

Mahaabhala vibho Geeshpathe manju Dhanur Meenadhipathe :=  Lord of great strength and Lord of Intellectual speech! The presiding Lord of the beautiful Dhanur and Meena Rasis .

Mahedraadhyupaasithaakruthe  Maadhavaadi vinutha dheemathe :=  Meditated upon by Gods like Indraa and others ; acclaimed by Lord Vishnu and others for intellectual brilliance .


Suraachaarya varya, vajradhara shubhalakshana jagathraya guro := The venerable Preceptor of gods ,the one who wields the vajraayutha or thunderbolt , the one who has all the auspicious marks and one who is the teacher of the three worlds viz.the earth,heaven and  the wide firmament called Akasha above the earth.

Jaraadivarjitha akrodha, kacha janaka ,aasrithajana kalpatharo := The one who is not affected by old age and its attendant features and anger, the father of Kacha ( who was sent to Shukracharya to learn the secret of reviving the dead ) and the one who is like kalpaka vruksha i.e the wish-yielding tree in deva loka to His devotees .Guru is supposed to give all that one could aspire for in this life including moksha ,the liberation . .It all depends on how He is posited in one's horoscope .

Puraari guruguha sammoditha , puthra kaaraka deenabhandho := Pleasing to  both Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga ,Giver of offspring and friend of the distressed .

Paraadi chathvaari vaak swaroopa prakaasaka dayaasindho := Enlightener of the four aspects of speech viz the para, apara, madhyama, vaikhari . These are the spark of an idea, the idea, the conceptualisation in the mind and the performance of speech known as vaikhari .He is the ocean of love .

Madhyama kaalam ;=

Niramayaaya neethikarthre ,nirankushaaya vishvabharthre := The one who created perfect laws of justice, who has unrestrained power to protect the world .A person is vulnerable only when guru is debilitated in his horoscope . Once guru is  strong  even death cannot shake him easily .

Niranjanaaya bhuvana bhokthre, niramshaaya makha pradaathre := The unblemished protector of the world, the unrestrained bestower of the fruits of sacrifices.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chandram bhaja maanasa-- Asaaveri Raagam--Matya Thaalam

The Planet Moon rules our mind , emotions and mental health with which it affects our looks too . A well posited moon gives wealth ,mother/wife's happiness, government help , ownership of vehicle ,marriage , offspring , prosperity and foreign travel etc .

On the other hand moon  as a malefic ,   gives unhappiness to mother , mental retardation ,skin and nerve problems jaundice and fluid accumulation .

In order to ward off such problems and also to improve one's flair for writing , singing and other literary pursuits of  art ,successful voyages etc.Chandra Bhagawaan has to be invoked with this kirthanam .Chandra rules over Kataka Rasi
Pallavi =
Chandram bhaja maanasa ! saadhu hrudaya sadrusham : = Oh ! mind ! worship Chandra ! the pure and  joy-inspiring ,who is akin to the hearts of good people .
Anu Pallavi : =

Indraadi loka paaleditha thaaresham : =  You are the lord of the stars worshipped by protector of the world like Indra and others .

Madhyama Kaalam : =

Indum shodasha kalaadharam nishaakaram : = The white-hued , with sixteen digits and the harbinger of night .
Indira sahodaram   sudhaakaram  anisham : = Brother of Lakshmi , ( as Chandra emanated from the Milky Ocean like Lakshmi ) The one  who pours  nectar like sweet rays . Worship Him  always ..
CharaNam : =
Shankara mouli vibhooshaNam sheetha kiraNam : =Decorates the crest of Shiva .He has cool rays .

Chathrbhujam madana chathram Kshapaakaram := The four-armed , the one who has cupid as His parasol and the creator of night .

Venkatesha nayanam viraaNmano jananam : = The Moon is one eye of Lord Venkatesa ; the other eye is the Sun. He is born out of the imagination of Virat , the cosmic purusha .

Vidhum kumuda mithram vidi guruguha vakthram : =  Known as the friend of  water lily and the face of Brahma and Lord Muruga .( full moon day marks the annual celebrations of Brahma and Muruga in the months of 'karthik' and' thai' respectively )

Madhyama kalam : =

Shashaankam geeshpathi shaapaanugraha paathram : = He has a hare like figure in His form .  He received a curse as well as a boon from the preceptor Brihaspathi .

Sharaschandrika dhavala prakaasa gaathram : = The Autumnal moon shines with greater whiteness .

Kankana keyura haara makutaadidharam : =  The Moon is adorned with wristlet ,armlet, garland and a crown .

Pankajaripum rohini priyakara chathuram : = He is the enemy of lotus and lover of rohini and who is also considered clever .

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Angaarakam Aashrayaamyaham -- Surutti Raagam-- Roopaka Thaalam

The planet Mars or Angaaraka is like a warrior of God .When we the children of God are to be corrected for our mistakes in life Mars comes into play in the form of troubles from wife, children ,brothers , friends etc. Loss of wealth , quarrels , in short any form of disharmony which could be mitigated or warded off by praying to Angaaraka,  who  is situate at Vaideeswaran koil  which is located at  6 kms. from Sirkazi en route to Mayavaram. That is how Mars is considered one of the malefic planets . Of course a person with well posited Mars in his horoscope stands for valor,might and for fast action to establish justice .Famous doctors ,surgeons ,engineers, architects etc. have well posited Mars in their horoscope. Whereever courage is required to face opposition or for bold action Mars is to be propitiated .In case of a surgery or surgeon to fight diseases Mars comes to the forefront . .Dikshithar describes beautifully the grace of Angaaraka in the following krithi .Angaaraka rules over  Mesha  and Vrishchika Raasi
Pallavi :-

Angaarakam aashrayaamyaham vinathaashrutha jana mandaaram := I worship Angaaraka ,the one who is red in color , who is like a Mandaara tree to His devotees who surrender to Him with bhakthi .According to ancient wisdom Mandaara tree was said to be in Indra loka and those who come under its shade were said to forget all worldly cares .

Madhyama Kaalam :=

Mangala vaaram , bhoomi kumaaram , vaaram ,vaaram  :=   The presiding deity of Tuesday ,son of bhoomi , the Earth ,day by day .According to Ganesa Purana and Shiva Purana Angaarakaa was nurtured by Bhumi Devi and as such He is known as Bhumi Kumara

Anu  Pallavi :=   
Shringaaraka mesha vrishchikaraashyadhipathim .;= He is the lord of the passionate signs Mesha and Vrishchika .

Rakthaangam rakthaambaraadidharam  shakthi shooladharam := His body is red-hued ,  wears a red-coloured garment and sports a spear and a trident .
Madhyama kalam :=

Mangalam  kambukalam  manjulathara pada yugalam := He is the giver of auspiciousness as blessed by Lord Shiva ,wears a necklace and has beautiful feet .

Mangaladaayaka mesha thurangam makaroththungam := He rides on the goat, Mesha giving auspiciousness .He is exalted in Makara Rasi .Whenever Kuja or angaaraka transits the Mesha and Makara Rasis He always gives auspiciousness .Even if one finds these rasis to be of  malefic places the transit of kuja will confer benificial powers to the native .

Charanam :=

Daanava sura sevitha mandasmitha vilasitha vakthram := Worshipped by the demons and gods , He has a face resplendent with a smile .
Dharanipradam  braathrukaarakam  raktha nethram :=  Giver of landed property ,and brotherhood .His eyes are of red-hued .
Dheena rakshakam pujitha vaidyanatha kshethram : = Protector of the destitute and He is worshipped at the place called Vaitheeswaran koil near Mailaduthurai .
Divyougaadi guruguha kataakshaanugraha paathram : = There are four types of teachers in the worship of Srichakra  viz parouga .divyouga ,siddhouga and manavouga who are blessed by  Guruguha , the chief of all gurus whose grace falls on Angaaraka

Madhyama Kaalam :=.
bhanu chandra guru mithram bhasamana su kalathram: =He is the friend of the planets the Sun ,Moon ,and guru .He is  endowed with resplendent and beautiful wife .
Jaanusstha hastha chithram chathurbhujam athivichithram  : = He is the picture of  peculiar posture with His hands rested on His knees , possessed of four arms  and a very extra ordinary deity .

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